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Emily DuBuque

Likes to be Known as: Sedrick
Likes: Aut et nam magni praesentium optio.
Dislikes: Qui pariatur tempora laboriosam asperiores quia.
Necessitatibus cum nemo blanditiis similique et accusantium est voluptate.
Language Requirements: French
Mobility: Wheelchair
Beverage Type: Water
Emergency Contact: Cheyenne Koss
Recent family request: I want them to walk more.
+Recent interactions...
Volunteer: Date: Observation & Activities: Walking duration (min): Drank fluids:
Valentine Kiehn 02/01/16 20 Drank fluids
Valentine Kiehn 02/01/16 Talked about horses and walked. She really liked to move - seemed happy today. took a nap later 30 Did not drink
Vernice Goodwin 01/30/16 Esse laboriosam quia libero qui rerum soluta. 29 Did not drink