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Saige Schuster

Likes to be Known as: Dominic
Likes: None
Dislikes: Facilis accusamus ea est ratione quia ut id.
Voluptatem ea dolorem iste aliquid ut corporis officia numquam.
Language Requirements: English
Mobility: Walk
Beverage Type: Water
Emergency Contact: Chaim O'Connell
Recent family request: I'd like him to drink more water. TY
+Recent interactions...
Volunteer: Date: Observation & Activities: Walking duration (min): Drank fluids:
Valentine Kiehn 02/01/16 Saw family request! gave Saige some water and walked 20 Drank fluids
Vergie Corkery 01/28/16 Quis quibusdam ipsa blanditiis libero ut voluptates ut. 0 Did not drink
Valentine Kiehn 01/19/16 Rem error sapiente id ratione voluptatibus quis. 0 Did not drink